Outfit Management Service

In order to comply with ISM code, Maritime Services Ltd. offers a cost effective inventory management service customized to suite individual vessel, or a fleet of vessels.

This service includes dispatch of following materials to the vessel on a regular basis:

  • Weekly Paper Ntms
  • BA Chart Correction Tracing
  • Supply of New edition of charts and publications on board a contracted vessel.
  • Loose Leaf Corrections.

Frequency, mode of transportation, and destination port are determined in close consultation with the customer and the vessel’s master.

We assure all our Outfit Management Service subscribers the highest quality of corrections, service and delivery each time, every time.

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    What are the advantages of our outfit management system?

    • Competitive Costing
      A special discount is offered to all customers signing on for our outfit management service
    • Accuracy
      Once a final list of charts and publications held by the customer – vessel is entered in our computer, our in-house system monitors it, and provides updates and new editions automatically on a weekly basis
    • Individual Attention
      An experienced and senior supervisor is dedicated to the task of servicing the vessel.
    • Timely Delivery
      Punctual dispatch of supplies to the destination of your choice.
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    What will be received by the vessel under our outfit management service?

    The vessel will receive a dedicated folder, containing:

    • A certificate indicating that the vessel’s charts and publications are continuously and automatically monitored for prompt replenishments
    • A map of the world showing the geographical areas covered by the particular folios
    • A numerical listing of charts, showing the consecutive Folio number, chart number, title and edition date of each chart
    • A detailed listing of all nautical technical and texts and publications used by the vessel from different publishers and regulatory bodies
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    What is the working procedure of our outfit management service?

    We do the monitoring of your vessels index and identify requirements for safe operation and compliance based on Flag, operating area, vessel type and your company policy. We provide you with a full quote, all you need to do is select the products you want and we will supply these to the ship (via the distribution route chosen by you). The service is tailored to your requirements and can include all your charts, publications and digital products – we ensure that your supply is kept up to date helping you to meet all your IMO obligations and stay compliant.