Loose Leaf Corrections

Maritime Services Ltd. offers Loose leaf Correction Service for British Admiralty List of Lights and Radio Signals, to help simplify the weekly correction process of these publications on board.

For a safe passage, it is mandatory to keep all charts and publications on board corrected and up to date. To enable the crew to do this in the most efficient manner, the List of Lights and Radio Signals are supplied in a loose leaf format in a ring binder which facilitates timely page replacement as and when corrections are made to the given pages of the publications.

Then on, every week, we do the corrections from UKHO’s notices to mariners, and cut and paste them onto the affected pages of the List of Lights and Radio Signals for you. These corrected pages are then sent to you, so you may simply replace the original pages on the ring binder and replace them with this updated pack.

We also send you an index showing all cumulative pages that are included in each update pack, and cross referenced with the contents of the binder so you may rest assured that you have received all the relevant pages that have been replaced.

Subscribers to this service have confirmed that apart from saving time, this page replacement system has resulted in a singular increase in operational accuracy and efficiencies onboard all categories of vessels.