Paper Publications

As well as a full range of nautical publications from the top suppliers, Maritime Services also offers Loose Leaf Service designed to save you time and help you manage your day to day administration, in the office and on the bridge.


As well as their comprehensive range of traditional paper nautical publications, Admiralty have recently launched two new Nautical Publications aimed at helping you with your transition from paper to digital navigation:

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    NP231 the Admiralty Guide to the Practical Use of ENCs

    A clearly illustrated hardback publication with screenshots, top tips and hints on getting the most from ENCs.

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    NP5012 The Admiralty Guide to ENC Symbols used in ECDIS

    A helpful publication which identifies the differences between traditional paper symbols and the new digital versions.

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    Sailing Directions

    Often referred to as Pilots, Sailing Directions are designed for use by the merchant mariner on all classes of ocean-going vessels with essential information on all aspects of navigation.

    Sailing Directions are complementary to Admiralty Standard Nautical Charts and provide worldwide coverage in 74 volumes.

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    Tide Tables

    Admiralty Tide Tables detail the times and heights of high and low waters for over 230 standard and 6000 secondary ports in the UK and Ireland, Europe, the Indian Ocean, South China Sea and Pacific Ocean for each day of the year.

    The tables outline methods of prediction, the effect of meteorological conditions on tides and provide additional information on exceptional tidal factors in each area.

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    Tidal Stream Atlases

    Admiralty Tidal Stream Atlases display, in diagrammatic form, the major tidal streams for selected waters of north-western Europe, including direction and rate at hourly intervals.

    Graded arrows illustrate Mean, Neap and Spring tidal rates in tenths of a knot. There is also a diagram to help you calculate the tidal stream rate for a given date.

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    Admiralty Manual of Tides (NP120)

    This is a largely mathematical, detailed description of tidal theory and its application to the analysis and prediction of tides and tidal streams.

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    Admiralty Tidal Handbooks (NP122 1-3)

    These three volumes outline the Admiralty method of harmonic tidal analysis for long and short observation periods and include information on datums for hydrographic surveys.

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    List of Radio Signals

    The Admiralty List of Radio Signals series provides comprehensive information on all aspects of Maritime Radio Communications. The data is organised into six volumes, some divided into several parts for ease of handling. Each of the six volumes is presented in a user-friendly format with full colour photographs and diagrams. (also available in digital format)

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    List of Lights

    This series of books provides extensive information on all lighthouses, lightships, lit floating marks (over 8m in height), fog signals and other lights of navigational significance. (also available in digital format)

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    Admiralty Distance Tables (NP350 1-3)

    A three part series of tables, sub-divided by region, giving the shortest distances between ports. There are supporting diagrams and text as well as link tables for places not in the same or adjacent table.

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    Paper Chart Maintenance Record (NP133A)

    Record your Admiralty chart updating details, weekly Notices to Mariners and new charts and editions. Use the index to check Notices to Mariners against all Admiralty charts.

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    IALA Maritime Buoyage System (NP735)

    Describes the Cardinal and Lateral Buoyage system with diagrams and written explanations of the five types of marks: lateral, cardinal, isolated danger, safe water and special marks.

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    Ocean Passages for the World (NP136)

    This classic volume on ocean voyage planning has routing details for powered and sailing vessels; individual chapters on each of the world’s oceans; advice on winds, weather, climate, seasonal factors, currents, swell, ice hazards; and the shortest routes between ports and important positions.

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    Symbols and Abbreviations Used on Admiralty Charts, Chart 5011 (INT 1)

    This convenient A4 book details Admiralty and INT paper chart symbols in full colour with information on hydrography; topography; navigational aids and services; abbreviations of principal terms shown on English and foreign charts; and general information on the content of Admiralty paper charts.

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    The Mariner's Handbook (NP100)

    A compendium of essential maritime information on charts; operations and regulations; tides, currents and characteristics of the sea; basic meteorology; navigation in ice, hazards and restrictions to navigation; and the IALA Buoyage system.

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    IMO Publications

    IMO’s publishing activities provide to the world maritime community the numerous publications (conventions, codes, regulations, recommendations, guidelines, etc.) prepared by the Organisation as part of its work programme. IMO currently has around 250 titles available in English. Many of them have been translated into French and Spanish and increasing numbers are available in Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

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  • A guide to environmental management systems
  • Ice Navigation Manual
  • Pocket safety guides, Lifting Appliances, Confined Spaces
  • Response to Marine Oil Spills


Introduction to Offshore Maintenance , Crude Oil Tanker Basics, books from Intertanko, Tanker Structure co-operative forum.

Seamanship International Publications

Maritime Services also stock a wide range of Seamanship Publications.


US Coast Guard 515 Rules and Regulations for foreign vessels in operation in US waters. If you are operation in US waters, this publication is invaluable. You can add a subscription to MET515 to your Voyager subscription.

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Miscellaneous Publications

In addition to Admiralty & IMO Publications, we also hold stock of miscellaneous marine publications covering a broad range of subjects relating to the marine industry. Publishers include:

  • IMO- International Maritime Organisation
  • ICS – International Chamber of Shipping
  • OCIMF – Oil Companies International Marine Forum
  • SIGTTO – Society of International Gas Tanker & Terminal Operators
  • USCG – United States Coast Guard
  • TSO – The Stationery Office
  • ITU – International Telecommunication Union
  • LLP – Lloyds of London Press
  • Fairplay, Witherby, Brown Son & Ferguson, Shipping Guides, and The Nautical Institute

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