ARCs Introduction

ARCs is the world’s leading electronic Raster Chart Service. It is produced by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office and complements the BA paper chart series to provide safe official electronic navigation.


  • Exact digital copies of BA paper series with the same internationally recognized symbology.
  • Over 3000 ARCS providing official global coverage of the world’s commercial shipping routes.
  • Available in regional and world folios to give greater coverage at substantial cost savings.
  • Pay as you go: You have the complete set of Base CD’s containing every chart in the service. You only access and pay for the Chart you require. Access is instant via phone fax or e-mail.
  • Complete cumulative weekly update service for the duration of your subscription keeps you abreast with safety critical information. Alternately ships can use remote updating software directly over the internet or by e-mail.


  • Safe Navigation through ability to be fully integrated with GPS system.
  • Greater positional accuracy as vessel position, course and speed can be automatically plotted and updated as frequently as once a minute.
  • Real time vessel positioning greatly reduces risk of grounding.
  • Enabled to have Radar targets super imposed over it to show actual distance and direction to other vessels or obstructions.
  • Ability to be used in conjunction with Radars and collision avoidance indicators and alarms for greater safety of navigation in confined waters.
  • Ability to save time substantially at the planning stage through quick and efficient advance route planning, automatic calculation of bearing and distance between waypoints, and automatic application of planned routes across all chart scales.
  • Enabled to use traditional techniques such as dead reckoning to verify GPS signals or in case of GPS unavailability