Admiralty Digital Publications

Admiralty Digital Publications consists of Admiralty Total Tide, Admiralty Digital List of Lights, and Admiralty Radio Signals Volume 6. Together they provide true and comprehensive global coverage of the specific subjects split over 10 regions to provide flexibility and simplicity of use and purchase.

The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and many other Marine Regulatory Authorities Accept ADP as meeting the requirements for the carriage of official nautical publications to support the planning and execution of a voyage.

All three applications are sold fully updated at the time of purchase and updates are provided electronically via the internet, e-mail or CD every week as part of the subscription price. The updating process is completed in seconds, greatly reducing time and effort spent in manual correction and minimizing the risk of human error.

Users pay as they go with the licensing and purchasing system through flexible permits – readily available as and when required.

The digital format allows the mariner more flexible ways of viewing and searching for information.

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    Admiralty Total Tide (ATT)

    It is the world’s most comprehensive tidal prediction program, the digital equivalent of four paper volumes of Admiralty Total Tides.

    • Enter required port location in search field. This will provide a list including your selection. Select from List.
    • Click on “view” and then “options” to enter critical vessel data: draught, depth and masthead height.
    • To access key tidal information, double click on selected port in the list view. This is the properties screen that contains tabs for the range of tidal information.
    • HWLW tab shows the high and low tide times at a given time up to seven days in advance.
    • Heights tab shows heights at a specified time.
    • Levels tab shows the number of tides per day.
    • Local tab provides chart specific information such as shallowest depth, height of lowest obstruction etc.
    • Clearance tab shows whether your vessel is going to clear the obstacle. This Can be seen on an hour by hour basis.
    • Safe tab shows the times that it is safe to enter the port.
    • High tab advises the mariner when the high tides will be greater than a particular height.
    • Extremes tab displays the annual extremes (monthly/ weekly) of the tide heights.
    • Moon tab displays the timing of the moon’s cycles.
    • Diamond tab provides information on different types of tides, eg. Spring and Neap tides.
    • Rates tab provides information on the speed and direction of tides in the future.
    • To access information on streams, double click on any stream to show property window. This shows the direction and strength of the stream.
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    Admiralty Digital List of Lights (ADLL)

    It is the light and fog signal information on more than 70,000 unique structures from across the world, and the digital equivalent of 11 paper volumes of Admiralty List of Lights.

    Each digital publication also gives the characteristics of lights and fog signals, together with the equivalent foreign language light descriptions. Tables can be used to calculate the geographical and luminous ranges of lights. Details for all lights listed include the international number, location and/or name, geographical co-ordinates, characteristics and intensity, elevation in metres, range in sea miles and description of structure.

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    Admiralty Radio Signals (ADRS6)

    It is the maritime radio communications information for pilot services, vessel traffic services and port operations for 3000 separate service locations worldwide; the digital equivalent of 5 paper publications which equate to Admiralty Radio Signals Volume 6.

    All three digital publications are provided on a single CD and can be individually licensed, installed, used and updated via a single common interface that is quick and easy to use.